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Healthy Smiles. Happy Campers.

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Welcome to Campfire Pediatric Dentistry, where every child in Middleton can enjoy the adventure of smile care with curiosity, wonder, and trust. Our board-certified doctor, Dr. Nathan Benassi, and our friendly team take a compassionate and educational approach, nurturing a soothing experience and fun-filled memories for the whole family. We’re so excited to partner with you and your little one on the path to thriving dental wellness, so come explore with us today!

Guiding Middleton’s Growing Grins

Meet Dr. Nathan Benassi

Dr. Nathan is a father, husband, and board-certified pediatric dentist with a passion for strengthening tiny smiles and family togetherness. Teaming up with parents like you, he loves getting to improve the lives of children by way of warmhearted, comfortable dental care. For Dr. Nathan, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing kids who were once scared of the dentist step into their appointments with genuine optimism and confidence. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, he has gone through additional training to provide the highest level of care for your child. His specialized expertise and long-standing love for the great outdoors foster a sunny, inclusive space where your child can learn, grow, and play!

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$129 New Patient Special

Jumpstart your child’s dental journey with stellar savings.

We’re always excited to meet new smiles at Campfire Pediatric Dentistry. If it’s your family’s first time with us, we’d like to welcome you and your kiddo with our $129 New Patient Special! This exclusive offer is the perfect way for your young explorer to get to know their new dental buddies and promote optimal hygiene for those pearly whites.

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Same-Day Emergency Care

Accidents happen. Campfire Pediatric Dentistry is here to help.

Whether your child is struggling with a severe dental injury or persistent toothache, Dr. Nathan and our dedicated team will be right by their side with calming care. We offer immediate assistance to heal your little trooper’s smile and get them out of pain right away. Our pediatric pros are here for your family anytime, so don’t hesitate to schedule an emergency appointment today.

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Preventive Care

With regular check-ups and pristine cleanings from our kid-friendly crew, your youngster can tell those sneaky sugar bugs to go take a hike!

Protect Tiny Teeth

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Minimally invasive dentistry is our specialty. We deliver safe and effective silver diamine fluoride treatments to defeat decay and fortify baby teeth.

Treat Cavities

Pediatric Crowns

Dr. Nathan crafts durable, non-invasive pediatric dental crowns to preserve your child’s natural smile and bring back beautiful health.

Restore Their Smile


We provide pain-free laser frenectomies to treat tongue and lip ties, allowing your little one to eat and speak with full freedom.

Get Gentle Solutions

"I believe children are capable of great things and great growth. I want to help kids and their families reach their highest potential in health, communication, and life."

– Dr. Nathan Benassi

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