Pulpotomies in Middleton, Wisconsin

What is a pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy procedure saves and restores decayed, infected teeth in your child’s smile. If your little one is struggling with a severe cavity and an infection in the tooth’s pulp, a pulpotomy can protect their tooth from further damage. During a pulpotomy, the pulp is removed from the tooth, while still leaving your child’s roots intact and able to grow into healthy baby teeth.

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Soda is one of the leading causes of tooth decay among children.

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How it works: The pulpotomy procedure

Exam & X-Rays

During your child’s appointment, the dentist will perform an exam, review X-rays, and inspect the extent of the tooth infection. This thorough analysis will determine if your little one is the right candidate for a pulpotomy.

Local Anesthesia & Sedation Options

Your child’s dentist will begin the procedure by using local anesthesia to numb the nerves of the treatment area. At this time, you can ask for your child to receive sedation to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Removing Decay & Infected Pulp

After administering anesthesia and sedation, your child’s dentist will begin removing any decayed material starting with the enamel. From there, they will move toward the pulp. Once the infected pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth, the area is flushed with disinfectant to eliminate bacteria.

Filling The Tooth

After the inside of the tooth has been cleaned, the vacant space will be filled with dental cement to replace the pulp and seal the tooth shut. This substance also supports the interior of the tooth to maintain strength and structure.

Capping The Tooth

Once the interior of the tooth has been filled, it will be restored with a stainless steel or prefabricated dental crown. This crown will bond onto the existing tooth, becoming its new outer surface.

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Benefits of Pulpotomies

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Saves Your Child's Tooth

A pulpotomy can rescue your child’s tooth from severe infection and decay, strengthen the interior structure of the tooth, and restore it with a long-lasting stainless steel or prefabricated crown.

Alleviates Pain

If your little one has a sore tooth that seems sensitive to chewing, hot or cold foods and drinks, or sugary foods, they may have an infection within the tooth’s pulp. This could compromise the health of their teeth and make your child a candidate for a pulpotomy. With this procedure, your child’s dentist can swiftly remove the infected pulp and provide a stainless steel or prefabricated crown that allows your child to regain full functionality with ease.

Prevents Further Issues

If your child’s cavity and tooth decay is ignored, nerve infection can result in an abscess and require removal of the tooth. You can prevent further issues from forming by scheduling an appointment today to treat your child’s tooth pain.

Did you know…

The most common childhood illness is tooth decay.

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What causes severe tooth decay?

Tooth decay begins when bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars from foods and drinks. The bacteria produce acid, which damages the enamel and leaves a cavity in the tooth.

If your child habitually consumes milk, soda, candy, cake, fruit juices, cereals, bread, or other sugary foods and drinks, they may be susceptible to tooth decay. If a cavity forms and the bacteria infect the vulnerable pulp that keeps the tooth alive, it will begin to decay and die. When this happens, your child will experience toothache symptoms and may be a candidate for a pulpotomy.

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Does a pulpotomy procedure hurt?

No. Your little one’s toothache and tooth sensitivity caused by the infection is significantly more painful than the procedure. During the pulpotomy, the site of the infection will be completely numb. You can even select one of our sedation options to keep your child relaxed throughout the procedure. Getting a pulpotomy is the best way to rid your child of the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth, which can be very severe.

How can I protect my child from cavities and severe tooth decay?

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By instilling a strong at-home oral hygiene system, you can keep your child from experiencing severe and painful cavities. Start by brushing their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. Follow this step by helping them floss once a day. In addition, make sure your child maintains a diet low in sugary foods and beverages to keep their smile strong and healthy. It’s also important to schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist every six months to ensure their oral health is right on track.

Is a pulpotomy procedure covered by insurance?

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A pulpotomy is usually covered by the vast majority of dental insurance policies to some degree. However, we do recommend that you consult with your insurance provider so that you understand your benefits and which treatments are covered.

Did you know…

Getting a pulpotomy can save your child’s tooth from more invasive procedures, like an extraction.

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